【About Rubin's work and Author's affiliation】  


【About Rubin's work and Author's affiliation】

Rubin - Awakening - For Transformation of Perception

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"This book was written as an experiment in instruction for "you," who seek to get enlightened, and for "us," who are stranded at a glimpse of realization."

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“Rubin - Awakening - For Transformation of Perception” (Japanese ed.)

“Rubin – Practice For Awakening” (Japanese ed.)
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“Monologue by Awakening I” ( Japanese ed.)

“Monologue by Awakening II” (Japanese ed.)

◆Author's affiliation


Born in Japan.

At birth, she did not come out of the womb until well past her expected date of delivery.
She seemed to resist until the last minute because she wanted to sleep and stay in a comfortable and warm place as long as possible.

When she was one year old, she nearly died of an asthma attack.
A vision was engraved in her, in which she was looking down from the upper left corner of the room at the hospital bed and the medical procedure.

She has been aware of her ego since she was about two years old.
The relationship with her parents triggered her awareness of the subject and object, and she developed a fundamental anxiety about separation.

She began ballet at the age of three.
For most of the first year, she hid under the desk in the classroom and peeked in on everyone dancing.
She was always peeking at the world while hiding.

Since childhood, she has always "stepped back and saw" the world. Adults often told her they were afraid of her presence, standing still and watching them, or anxious about being watched.

To escape the world, she would endlessly observe the minute forms of insects, plants, and stones that existed quietly and unnoticed, as if looking through a microscope.

She was slumbering on a futon hanging out on her balcony, vaguely observing the texture and stitching of the cloth; suddenly, with a "click" sound, she became one with the entire landscape. However, she sealed the experience without telling anyone as she had not established the concept of self nor made meaning of the astonishing experience.

One day, when she was six years old, she stood in her room and saw the infinite space spreading like a sudden sandstorm. Everything was connected as a web mesh, interfering with each other and changing like a single organism.
At this moment, although she could not conceptualize the experience, she said to herself, "Ah, I get it! I get it!" It was an intense conviction of the heart that took place.

When she was seven years old, she got into a fight with a neighbor kid and was hit on the head with a 30-centimeter square block of asphalt; despite a lot of blood spurting out, she felt no pain at all; the consciousness became the camera itself, and for a few seconds before she fell, she experienced that she went gone and as if the surrounding scenery was intermittently captured, like a shutter released.

After that, for several years until the sense of the self was established, she became anxious and fearful about the inexplicability of events, rules, and mechanisms that appeared in the phenomenal realm, and her bronchial asthma and atopic dermatitis worsened. Still, she was often called from the "other side," saw such vivid yantra from her past life, or was overwhelmed by visions of infinity that almost made her faint.

She spent her childhood experiencing a sudden blackout in class when she felt the presence of a massive mother ship's hull overhead, and the blackboard and a teacher in front of her suddenly moved away; a gestalt collapse and transformation of perception while lining up number cards from 1 to 100, which made her panic: a relive of the shutter release of her consciousness camera when she ran and fell on the wet floor of the classroom: playing a board game like the Snakes and Ladders with realistic pictures of heaven and hell(heaven was a goal), which she drew herself, and was beaten by her parents, who were shocked by the brutality of the hellish images.

Because she was the kind of child who was always stuck between "here" and "there" with her eyes wide open, she was often harassed by putting rocks in her school bag by "realistic children" when she left for home.
When harassed, she stared at it as if it had happened to another person in an inexplicable reality, and no feelings were aroused.

From age 10, she lived in South America for four years because of her parents' work.
In the dazzling sunlight and a world of magic realism with no boundary between "this side and the other," which fits into everyday life, she first felt a sense of relief and learned to appreciate the beauty, love, and awe of the phenomenal world.
At the same time, her asthma and atopic dermatitis went into remission.

At 13, standing in front of intense light, drifting clouds, and endless sugar cane fields, she re-experienced what she had at the age of 5.

At the age of 14, she returned to Japan.
In Japan's suffocating atmosphere of controlled education, she rapidly repressed her innocence, reinforced her egoism, and reconstructed her concepts.
After this, she would spend a dark period with her ego until her early thirties.

At 19, she entered university and began learning contemporary dance, Butoh, and bodywork.
Just before graduation, she quit an opportunity to study abroad with a scholarship she had already decided on. She was determined to focus on theatrical dance activities and began creating works in her mid-20s.
Despite her inexperience, she was awarded a grant and had the opportunity to present her work abroad.

At the age of 28, her ego eventually felt at a dead end, and her atopic dermatitis recurred, worsening to an unprecedented degree, forcing her to suspend her social life and remain silent for several months.

At 31, she was publicly criticized about the meaning of her existence, which led her to despair. She began meditating as if possessed to explore the relationship between the body, consciousness, and the ego.
(Until then, she knew little about concepts such as awakening, enlightenment, karma, and liberation, which was somewhat her fortunate.)

At the age of 33, during a meditation retreat, she experienced a shocking transformation in her perception, and from then on, she established a completely new perception of the world.

At that time, she considered becoming a monk. Still, before she realized what was beyond the "turning point of perception" she had seen in meditation, she felt the urgent need for ego independence in the phenomenal world, clearing various undigested experiences and liquidating karmic debts. Then, she began consciously experiencing and organizing these as if driven by something.

At the same time, she received understanding, experiences, and visions of energy and cognitive mechanisms.
Around that time, a straightforward experience and understanding of existence occur in each center of the body and mind (head, chest, and abdomen).

At 40, after completing all of her work in her 30s, she began to understand the energy, duality of phenomena, and the heart. Then, the "contradiction of the existence at the same time of non-duality and duality," which often remained in mind after the recognition transformation, was resolved.

Later, in a karmic story unfolding, she met her current partner, and after several years of enjoying an utterly idle period, she began assisting in teaching meditation.
In this process, she realized her role was to complement their establishment of clear perception and the need for a physical approach. Now, she organizes workshops to change our perceptions.


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